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Tech Support

We can provide any sort of small buisness for you, home support, or large buisness cover for all your IT needs. This inculdes: website, server hosting, CCTV, computer installs and maintenance, checkups and callouts.

CCTV Installations

We also provide a unique and personalized CCTV system - fitting it, teaching the basics, maintenance and upkeep, which can provide the highest level of camera security for your home or buisness.

Network Management

We strive for the best experience for buisnesses online, and therefore we host files, websites and emails and help with such for our clients. On top of this, we wish to help all our clients with all of their internet, computer hardware and software needs.

Websites and Emails

One of our main services, covered under our packages or for single time, is website creation, development, and hosting, which can help you spread your message and business easily and securely, we also wish to host and help with all your online email needs.

About Us
Announced in 2014, "Cloud Light" was meant to be Rory"s little company. Since he was 14, he's always wanted to be his own boss. He has now achieved that by starting RGC UK. Rory started doing small jobs for a hair salon in his local town, and since then he has employed Luke part-time. Rory has quit his full-time job to pursue his career of running his own company! We are currently just starting to build SBMaaS (Small Business Management as a Service). We hope to launch this in the new year!
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